Noise reduction error on windows 10

Hi folks,

I’ve been using audacity for more than 15 years now - it’s my main tool for recording and editing audio. However, for some reason it seems I can’t use the noise reduction anymore. If the sensitivity is set above 0 (so, 6.00 is the standard) I receive an error notice that the value is not in the range of 0 to 24. The value remains set to 6.00. When clicking OK and redoing the process, the sensitivity is turning to 600.00, adding two additional zeros. I’m going to add a screenshot of the problem. To me it looks like some kind of a problem with the “.” or “,” as a separator but I don’t have a clue how to solve the problem.

By the way: This problem occurs on both up-to-date and older versions of audacity. I tried 3.2.1 and 2.3.1 .

Any ideas?

Thank you for your efforts in advance!


That sounds likely.

Does it work correctly if you set the language to English? (“Edit menu > Preferences > Interface”)

Dear Steve,

thank you for your quick reply. The solution with setting the language to English solved the problem.

Kind regards


If you would prefer to use a different language in Audacity, you may need to look at the number formatting settings in Windows (

I don’t use Windows, but I think that the way Audacity works with Windows is that Audacity assumes that the decimal separator will be the default for the selected language (ignoring Windows number formatting). I may be wrong. If the Windows number format is non-standard for the system language, then that may cause problems in Audacity.

Tip: Ensure that you write down the computer’s original settings before modifying, and a note of everything that you change, so that you can revert any changes if necessary.

Dear Steve,

thank you for your suggestion. However, changing the system settings in windows seems to be counterproductive for me, as all the other applications run perfectly and - needless to say - I can work with the English version of audacity, too.

One part is spooky: I’ve compared the installations of my 4 Windows PCs here, all got the same system settings in Windows, but only my main workstation has got that trouble with the language settings in Audacity.

Anyway, Audacity is at work again, and this is the pivotal point for me.

Thank you for your help!