Noise reduction dialog box disappears afer selecting Get Noise Profile

I have upgraded to 3.4.2 from an earlier release of version 3 (dont’ remember which one), in Windows 10 64 bit. The Noise Reduction effect’s dialog box used to remain open after pressing the Get Noise Profile button – so I could preview and run the effect. Now the dialog box closes as soon as I press the button. It appears that the noise profile is properly recorded, but I have to reopen the dialog box.

No, it’s never done that, but there is way to avoid having to open the effect twice.

  1. When you open the effect to make the noise profile, set the other controls to how you want them.
  2. Get the noise profile (the effect will get the profile and close).
  3. Select the region where you want to apply the effect (usually the entire track).
  4. Press “Ctrl + R” (Repeat last effect) to apply Noise Reduction.

Correct. I’ve been doing it that way forever. As Steve, above, once you capture the Profile, Audacity will hang on to it forever. So all you need to do is re-apply the effect with the desired show selection. You don’t have to Profile repeatedly.


Someone will correct me, but I believe in 3.4.2, you can make Audacity “derive” a Profile. If you don’t force one, Audacity will assume any sound or noise that hangs around for the whole show is bad and get rid of it.

This is a cousin to how Skype, Zoom, Meetings and other chat applications work. Zoom does not make you sample your air conditioner to figure out how to suppress it.


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