Noise Reduction can't remove hiss/static

Hello, all -
Noob in the forum here! :laughing:
I’ve been using Audacity for awhile, but if I’m being honest I don’t know much. I haven’t come across this problem before and I’m not able to find information about how to remedy this problem.
I have attached the file that I am having trouble with. There is a static/hiss, but only when the singer’s voice comes in. In the pauses between singing, the noise doesn’t occur. So, I can’t select a noise profile without reducing the singing itself.
Does anyone have a solution? I appreciate any help - thank you!

_size reduced_FINAL AUDIO-Nf - HAPPY recorded by CheatOh and ImaMaia_07-04-2023_Smule app music|audio

I don’t know of a solution. This falls under one of the four hoursemen of audio recording. (#4)

Screen Shot 2023-08-11 at 05.38.07

Audacity can’t split a show into individual parts. We can’t easily take that TV out of the background, we can’t remove the trumpets from an orchestra and we can’t remove keyed noise.

We had another similar posting. A bad USB cable was causing static only when the performer spoke. I think you’re stuck. Someone else may post.

I don’t hear any noise. This wouldn’t happen to be a way to get your work published on a popular forum?


I can hear it on the male vocal: it’s similar to sympathetic snare buzz, (but probably digital in origin).

Even if you have that (male) vocal in isolation, IMO, that’s not fixable in Audacity.

There are noise removal plugin$ which can work without a noise profile.

The female vocal is in need of EQ & de-essing:
those are achievable in Audacity with free plugins,
if you have the vocal in isolation.

And that snaps you back to Audacity’s inability to split a mixed performance into individual parts.

Ooo. That’s good. Can I use that? Sorry I can’t make it to lunch tomorrow. I have Sympathetic Snare Buzz.