Noise only when speaking

Hello Audacity Forum community,
I sometimes have the problem with Audacity, that after I remove noise with the noise removal tool, there still is noise, but only when I speak. Between words and sentences, there is no noise.
You can hear it here:
Do you know how to solve this problem?

Which Audacity are you using? The old Audacity Noise Removal used to do that.

Audacity 2.1.3 Effect > Noise Reduction works differently and doesn’t have noise pumping.


Depending on what noise you have, fixing it at the microphone is usually much cleaner and easier to do production.

Also note, we can’t fix echoes. So if you’re recording in a bare room with no carpeting, it will probably always sound like you’re recording in a kitchen.


I think updating Audacity helped. Now there some noise in the background, but not only when I speak,
so I think the listener will be able to ignore it.
Thank you!

Are you using a noise gate that might be reducing noise when you’re NOT talking? Could be one more step to discovering the problem.

If you want to buff this up further, make a post a 20 second test sound file (10 seconds if it’s stereo—two blue waves).

We have custom filters for some common sound problems. We may be able to help if we know what the noise is. Not all noises take plain Noise Reduction.


What are the custom filters? My noise was produced while I was talking and it was my finger touching the computer to move the cursor.


I was editing my tracks when all of a sudden the waves became a flat line. I must have clicked something but I don’t know what I did.

If the project is still open, try doing “Edit menu > Undo”.
(Once the project has been closed, the undo history is no longer available)

Unfortunately, I closed it. So it won’t undo it anymore. I don’t know what I clicked. It’s hard to edit the track now as it is a straight line and the screen plays so fast although my audio has not changed a bit. I could still hear my voice well. I tried to record another line within the same chapter but it wont record. I must have clicked something but I don’t know what I did.

Perhaps a screen shot and a little more detail could help…