Noise gate plugin suddenly not affecting audio

Hi, I’m having trouble with my noise gate plugin all of a sudden, I’ve been using it daily for a year changing settings left and right with no issues and I’ve just gone to use it, the wave is changing shape slightly but no gate seems to be applied. I’ve re-downloaded the plugin, downloaded 2.2.2 and reset my computer to no avail. Can anyone help?

Hmmm… I don’t have the same “Noise Gate” effect. I have “Gate” and it seems to work.

That “warning” message is normal.
I presume you got the plug-in from here:

I’ve just tested it, and it works fine form me.
Try using it on another project to see if it is something about that specific project that is causing the problem.

Fixed itself. Literally no idea what happened, had no choice but to work anyway, applied the settings I had here and noticed a reduction in sound through my headphones with no real change to waveform, so applied my normal settings just to work it anyway and hope the room tone wouldn’t be too bad and it just worked. Still would appreciate any insights, had a hairy couple hours there. Thanks so much for the responses

Sorry, can’t help there. It works fine for me, and that “warning” shows that the code was running. Digital processing is basically arithmetic. It is ‘possible’ that there could have been a corrupted sample value (a “NaN”) in the track, causing the plug-in to choke.