Noise gate doesn't work

I recently upgraded to Audacity 3.4.2 from, I think, 3.3-something – running windows 10… The noise gate does not work, or produces strange results (adding a short empty clip, etc.) unless I set “hold” to zero as suggested in an earlier thread, for an earlier version. I am wondering whether this happens because Audacity did not update the plugin along with the application. Maybe the problem will be solved if I delete and reinstall Audacity and the plugins? My computer won’t allow me access to the folder where the plugins are, so I can’t address thsi original plugin, even though I am an adminstator. Maybe I need to log into Microsoft to have that access? What a pain that is!.

It’s working for me.

…I left all of the defaults, except I set the threshold to -6dB so I could quickly see if it was doing anything.

The native noise-gate analysis in Audacity3.3.2 produces nonsensical numerical results if the track is mono* : +ve dB, e.g. +86 dB …
analysis suggests positive dB
[* works OK if stereo ].

[ToneBoosters v3 pack (free) includes real-time noise-gate plugin that works in Audcaity3].

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