Noise floor exceeds ACX limit


I’ve recently been in touch with Koz on this forum regarding the technical issues I was having with my RMS levels, and I’ve received great help with that. But I’m running into a new problem now. After following the mastering steps for a raw audio file
(Effect>Filter Curve>Factory Preset>Low Rolloff voice>OK
Effect>RMS Normalize>20dB>OK,
Effect>Limiter>Soft Limit, 0.0, 0.0, -3.50dB, 10.00, No, OK)

I’m still getting a Noise floor level of around 60.dB on my ACX check, even though everything else passes.

I’ve done this a few times on different pieces of raw audio samples to test it out but I can’t get the noise floor level to work. Please advise at your earliest convenience, thank you.

It’s a little rough to start from the middle of the movie, so can you burn a fresh 10 second sound file according to this.

Which Audacity do you have? If it’s 2.4.1, the mastering process is a little different.

It isn’t you. This stuff is changing day by day.