Noise Finder?

Is there a noise finder?

What I mean is analogous to Analyze → Silence Finder… or Analyze → Sound Finder… but incorporating something like the Effect → Noise Reduction → Get Noise Profile to inform the noise finder what you mean by “noise”.

No, because noise in that instance runs three minutes of a three minute show. Noise Reduction doesn’t pick and choose where the noise is. The old Noise Removal used to do that. It would give the performer annoying Noise Pumping. One of the reasons it’s not around any more.

The only other way I know of to find noise is watch the blue waves. The worst noises all have blue waves tall and sharp.

Noise is hard. There is a paper on processing for AudioBooks. If you have a quiet environment, it’s two or three pages of instructions. If you have noise, the instructions double and there is a possibility of killing your show.