Noise/feedback when listening back

You said you used the computer for several different jobs other than recording your voice. I asked about this up the thread, too. What other jobs?

The expressed ACX requirement is to “Avoid Distractions.” Audiobook Mastering Macro, the individual Mastering steps (same thing) and Noise Reduction Of The Beast were all chosen and designed because you can’t hear them working. They make corrections, but leave your voice sounding absolutely natural.

I tell of a YouTube commentary with beautiful pictures, but I can’t watch them because they sound like they were recording in a bathroom. I recently sent a note to a European Fashion Influencer that I would be a lot more influenced if it didn’t sound like they were recording in a kitchen. All distractions.

This from up the message thread.

Apparently there are several enhancements available in Windows.

They do worry about someone spamming the forum. They can’t/don’t read the messages, so they can’t tell they are valuable sound clips and comments and not offers to buy land in Miami. I get those too, but I have moderator privileges (I get to wear the special hat and fuzzy slippers) so I can work around them.

We’re stuck if you can’t get the computer to stop “helping you.” All the good tools and techniques work from a completely plain voice recording. There is no graceful way to work backwards from processing/changes like you have.