no waveforms

Hi, I feel stupid, but I just downloaded Audacity, whatever the main windows version is, and when I hit the red button, and say testing, I don’t see waveforms, and cna’t hear any playback. i think my built in laptop mic works. what’s up? i would so appreciate any help.

Audacity > Edit > Preferences > Devices and make sure Audacity is looking at your internal microphone.
Sometimes the built-in microphone doesn’t work until you select “Mono” instead of “Stereo.”

Back at the Audacity main screen, make the meters much larger by click-dragging the right-hand edge of the meters sideways.

Then right-click on the red recording meters and select “Start Monitoring.” The meters will wake up and bounce to your voice without you having to go into Record and waste drive space while you’re testing.

You can plug headphones into the laptop and:

Edit > Preferences > Recording: [X] Playthrough (select). That should let you hear what you’re doing.


thanks, will try this in the morning!