No waveform when recording [SOLVED]

Hi I am new to audacity…I have been using it ok but all of a sudden when recording I have very little waveform…the recording is fine but no waveform. I am using windows 7 with creative USB headphones and mic. There is also a lot of hissing on it which I have not had before … Any help appreciated. I am not very techno confident

Which Audacity version do you have? Please give us all three Audacity version numbers (see the pink panel at the top of the page).

If you use Effect > Amplify… and OK, do you then hear your voice with the hiss in the background? If so, use the volume slider on Mixer Toolbar to increase the recording volume:

Or perhaps you chose the wrong device to record from in Audacity. Do not choose Sound Mapper - Input or Primary Sound Capture Driver because those devices change with whatever is the default Windows recording device at the time. Choose the device to record from by its exact name.

And to be clear, is this a headset - it has headphones and the microphone is built into it?


Yes Gale creative headset with attached Mike put into USB port. Set on MME. Showing using correct headset etc, The playback recording sounds ok apart from the hiss, it is just more or less a flat line hence no waveform

We are still waiting for you to give us all three Audacity version numbers from Help > About Audacity… .

The latest Audacity is 2.1.1 from Audacity ® | Download for Windows.

So have you tried turning the input volume up? Try doing that in Windows Sound if the Audacity recording slider does not increase the volume.

If you need more help please give more information. What is the exact model number of the headset?

What exactly are you recording? Is it game commentary while you record the game audio in another application? If so, which other application is that?


SOLVED … Somehow the sound had switched from headset mic to PC mic…sorted. Breathes sigh of relief

As previously suggested, it’s best to choose the named recording device that you want to record from in Device Toolbar, rather than “Sound Mapper - Input” or “Primary Sound Capture Driver”.

Also be aware that if you connect the USB headset after launching Audacity, you need to use Transport > Rescan Audio Devices to let Audacity see the headset. You may possibly need to do that if you disconnect and reconnect the headset while Audacity is open.