No Waveform and No Sound after Crash


I’m hoping someone here can help me figure out how to recover my audio after a crash. I’ve had crashes before and have been able to use the auto recovery, but this time, when it opened, it showed a session without a waveform, and it does not play sound. (I can see, though, that it’s edited down to the length I had it at just before it crashed–but there’s nothing there!)

I’ve attached the file here to show what I mean. Are there ways to recover this?
Danielle Deulen.aup (75.9 KB)

That AUP file looks OK.
Is there an error message when you try to open the project?
What is the size of the “Danielle Deulen_data” folder?

There is a “Warning - Orphan Block File(s)” message when I open the file. I’ve been clicking the “continue without deleting” to open the file.

I’ve also attached the log here that shows other errors. I can’t decipher it, but maybe there’s a clue in there.

The size of the data folder is 362.2 MB.
log.txt (17.3 KB)

The problem is that the file names in the AUP file don’t match the file names in the “_data” folder.
Unfortunately I don’t think it’s possible to recover this project.

I don’t suppose you recall what exactly you were doing when the crash occurred, do you? The way this project has broken is very strange.

Well, that’s a huge bummer, but I appreciate you taking a look at it.

I was adding a music file when the crash occurred. I often have crashes when I add music files–I’m not sure why–but I’ve always been able to just reopen the project and start from the last saved version. I’m not sure why this one did something different.