no volume when recording

Greetings friends

when I try to record from an external audio source, in this case an usb audio converter by JBsystems (to record vinyl to usb), I see the waveform appearing in audacity but I can’t really hear it.
When I playback the sample, all went fine but it would be far more useful if I could be able to actually HEAR the song I am recording.

I tried to check the settings in my MAC OS 10.6 and it isn’t muted (as it record all fine and playback is ok)

when I try to adjust the volume slider in audacity 1.2.5 while recording , it jumps back to 0
when I set it to a higher volume while starting a new file; it remains it set position…but when I start recording, it’s back to 0.

in short: how do I set Audacity and/or MAC OS 10.6 to let me hear the audio when I’m recording WHILE I’m recording and not only afterwards at playback.

You might want to try Audacity version 1.3.11 from the nightly builds -
Scroll to the bottom of the list, click on the folder to open it, then download the .dmg file. You can have 1.2.5 and 1.3.11 installed at the same time, you just can’t run both at the same time. 1.3.11 plays much better with OS X 10.6.

Once you have 1.3.11 installed and running, go to Transport > Software Playthrough to hear what you are recording.

– Bill

The lastest alpha version you pointed me to worked very well; through Transport > software playthrough I was now able to hear whilst recording!

thanks for the quick reply!


I have the same problem as fonsDV but I use a PC, not a MAC and myAudacity is the latest beta-version . Can someone please tell me what I should do to be able to listen to the music I am recording?

Thank you very much

You’re using a usb audio converter by JBsystems (to record vinyl to usb)?
Go into the Windows Control Panel and configure the sound system to play through your sound card rather than the USB.