no volume on when monitoring or playback

Just hooked up everything and tried a an test run. Everything seems to be working, however I have very little volume when monitoring or playing back. My question is: Is it possible that because I have a turntable without a pre-amp that I wont get the desired volume?..If thats the case, I wouldn’t have bothered with this device as it is a pretty complicated learning curve and I don’t have the time to play around. Cheers and hope this can be resolved easily. Rob…

I wouldn’t have bothered with this device as it is a pretty complicated learning curve

Which device is “this?”

Typically you use a Phono Preamp between a turntable and the capture system (computer) not only to make the sound louder, but to take out the RIAA sound distortion that phonograph records have. Sound on a record isn’t perfect. It’s intentionally distorted so all the musical tones fit. You have to take the distortion out when you play or capture the song. That’s the job of the Phono Preamp.

It doesn’t have to be crazy. Here’s one that fits in your pocket:

There are ways to do that without a Phono Preamp, but it’s torturous and does not give optimum sound.

So what are you doing?


Thanks…it dawned on me that this is what I needed. I have a collection of old LP’s (from the 60’s and 70’s) and a old Yamaha P550 TT that was barely used and decided I wanted to listen to all the old classics I had collected…and convert them so I could listen to them on my iphone. I bought a new cartridge and the Audacity and plugged it into my Mac…got sound but was disappointed by the low output…anyway, thanks for the solution, I am going to order the preamp you suggest. Peace always. Rob D. Vancouver Island. BC. :wink:

I hope you didn’t “buy” Audacity. Audacity is free:

The Audacity software came free with a piece of hardware from EzCap

In that case you should check the version number (Help menu > About Audacity) because it is likely to be an old version. The current version is 2.1.1 and is available here: