No volume on MacBook Air

Hello all, I’m new to this group. Everything with Audacity was working fine then I upgraded to Ventura 13.2.1 and since then I can’t hear any volume when using. Visually I can see its working but no sound is audible via Mac speakers (or earbuds). Have gone into ‘privacy and security’ to ‘allow’ Audacity to access the microphone however Audacity isn’t even listed there to allow permissions with the other other apps? (Only Garage band and Skype are listed there). I have other apps which still work which aren’t listed in permissions either so I’m hoping my Audacity issue is fixable. Does anyone have a solution or workaround to this please? Step by step, simple terms please as I’m a senior lady so not so good on ‘tech speak’ :smiley:


Hi, Worked through the troubleshooting tips and my volume is restored. Thank you so much :smiley:

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