No USB Audio Device in device list [SOLVED]

I have just installed Audacity 2.1.3 to use with importing cassette tapes to my Windows 10 laptop. In the Device drop-down list there is no “USB Audio Device” and the driver for the tape device (ezecap) is not installed, the laptop does not recognise the device when it is plugged in.

Before you launch Audacity, connect the USB device, then check in the Windows Sound Control Panel that the device is listed as an available recording device. If it isn’t, try turning off your computer, check the USB lead is plugged in securely, then reboot the computer and check again in the Windows Sound Control Panel.

If the USB device is still not available, try a different USB socket and/or a different USB lead.

Thank you Steve, I tried that - the cassette device appeared in the Device list in Audacity as Microphone Array (3-USB PnP Audio Device). It is the same in the Windows Control Panel Sound control. Tested it and it works fine. Thanks again