No UI controls are visible in 3.1.0 appimage

Hello all,

I’m running Ubuntu 21.10 and the distribution only has Audacity 2.4 so I just downloaded the latest appimage.

Audacity ‘works’ but no UI controls are visible. No sliders, no progress bars, no menu selections. I have tried all of the different themes. I manually edited the config file, as the blend with system theme option’s slider is invisible.

What else can I try?


I see a similar problem on my system: Audacity 3.1.3 (AppImage) + Ubuntu 21.10. I hope that fix will come soon, because at now some settings like a radio buttons are invisible.

This is what I see with Audacity 3.1.2 AppImage on Ubuntu 21.10 with Gnome desktop (xorg)

Window Plus000.png

This is what I see with Audacity 3.1.3 AppImage (latest release version from: on Ubuntu 21.10 with Gnome desktop (Wayland):
Screenshot from 2021-12-23 22-17-34.png
Audacity is very sluggish on Wayland, so I would not recommend using Wayland.

Looks different than on my PC. I use Gnome on X11 + default theme (Light version). Which Gnome theme are you use?

I posted my screenshots in this thread:

For me it was caused by a theme mismatch between Ubuntu and Audacity. I had Ubuntu set to dark, but I had to go to Preferences → Interface and then set the theme to match. Tested it out and the same issue appeared when I had Audacity set to dark and set Ubuntu to light.