No Stereo Mix

I just acquired a Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga (3rd Gen) Multimode Ultrabook
I can’t find any fix to enable stereo mix. Been looking all over web.
Does any know if this function is possible on this particular laptop?
Maybe another audio driver from Realtek? I need answer of a successful outcome only
for this model.
Thank You

[u]WASAPI loopback[/u] is similar.

Latest Windows 10 Pro on Lenovo laptop. Haven’t installed Audacity yet.

A good start for me to for me to try. I appreciate your suggestion.

“stereo mix” can be hidden if disabled …
stereo-mix can be hidden if disabled.gif
The WASAPI method is supposedly better quality than stereo-mix …

I finally decided to forget the “stereo mix” path on the Lenovo X1 Yoga. It just isn’t supported.
Downloaded Audacity 3.2.1. Then tried VB Cable. That didn’t seem to work either. Maybe it would
if I spent more time figuring it out. Noticed 3.2.1 has Audio Setup, along with Share Audio I’ve
never seen before. WASAPI shows under Audio Settings. I went in that direction. Latest Windows 10
had no trouble understanding this setting. In a few more steps WASAPI did the trick. I now have “stereo mix”.
Hope my story helps others.