No 'Split stereo track' option in my track menu [SOLVED]

Hi there,

I’m using Audacity 2.0.6 with Windows 7. The guide says I can split a stereo track into 2 mono tracks, but the option it mentions - ‘split stereo track’ - doesn’t appear in my track drop down menu. Does anyone know why that might be?



We can only help if you use Audacity supplied by us and our own documentation

This is our documentation for the Track Drop-Down Menu: Track Drop-Down Menu - Audacity Manual. As you see, it has “Split Stereo Track”, but that splits into left and right channels. To split to two mono tracks, choose “Split Stereo to Mono”.


Ah…I see. I was looking at the menu that came down when I clicked on tracks along the top bar. Thanks very much for your help!