No Sound

Installed ION tape to go to convert cassette to mp3 with USB. Read Audacity will work well with this product. Win7 installed all drivers. Switched from MME to Win Direct to WAMPI (or something like that). No difference. There is sound output with headphones. Did not install included software. What am I doing wrong? TY

Could this be as simple as plugging in the player and then starting Audacity? Audacity looks for new devices when it starts.

Well, contacted Ion who had me make several changes to the Audacity settings. Now it works, but now I’d like to know if there is a way to

  1. Save the settings
  2. Find a way to reset Audicity to its default setting & change those settings also. In other words, is there a way within Audacity to save these 2 different settings then be able to easily switch back & forth between them? TY again.

Most relevant settings such as audio device choices, default project rate and default quality will be saved when you quit Audacity.

What exactly did Ion tell you to change? What do you want to record when you are not using the Ion?

Yes there are ways to have Audacity launch with different settings, but you may not need to do that. If you just want to change from recording Ion to recording computer playback (for example), that should only mean changing the recording device in Audacity’s Device Toolbar.

Make sure you have Audacity 2.0.6 from


I don’t exactly remember what I was using Audacity for at the beginning but I do know I had to change the setting to WASAPI. Ion had me change that setting to MME, check the boxes in the top 2 selections after clicking edit then then preferences (overdub & playthrough), then use the drop down mic box to select ‘start monitoring’. It worked. I’d like to be able to save those changes then go back to the Audacity defaults & switch back & forth with one button.

Again, why do you want the Audacity defaults? If you need WASAPI for recording computer playback, that is not default, so going back to defaults will not help you. Also there is no button in Audacity to go back to default Preferences - it’s something we’re considering.

There is no button to save presets for different sets of settings. That isn’t something we’re considering, but you can add your “vote” for that idea. We might in future allow defaulting one type of preferences settings but not other types, but that will only help if the settings you want are default.

And, monitoring is not enabled by default - there are some technical reasons we have to resolve before we can do that, so if you want monitoring, just click in the recording meter. If instead you make a test recording to check levels and delete that recording, you don’t need to turn monitoring on.

The most convenient current way to switch between different sets of settings (one set of which can be defaults or not as you wish) is to exit Audacity, create a “Portable Settings” (no quotes) folder in your Audacity installation folder, launch Audacity, change settings for Ion, then exit Audacity.

Rename the “Portable Settings” folder to something else, then launch Audacity and change settings to your other preferred set and exit Audacity. When you want Audacity to launch with those settings, just launch it again.

When you want to launch Audacity with the Ion settings, rename the folder back to “Portable Settings” then launch Audacity.


ok. ty. I’ll just write down the different settings & look at the paper when I need to make a change. :slight_smile: