No sound with iTunes

Yesterday I installed Audacity 2.4.2 on an iMac running High Sierra 10.13.6. I record small foreign language audio files for inclusion on Anki flashcards and am currently using Audio Hijack and Fission to record and edit these files, but would prefer to use Audacity, which I formerly used on a Windows PC years ago. Last night I successfully recorded a small file with Audacity and exported it as a wav file to Downloads. My procedure at this point is to drag the file to iTunes, from which it is included on an Anki flashcard. In this case, however, the file was in Downloads as expected and I was able to drag it to iTunes - but - there was no sound. I was able to open and hear it using Audacity and Fission, but not in iTunes. I would very much like to use Audacity for this recording since it’s far superior to Audio Hijack and am hoping someone has the solution to this problem. Thank you.

I record small foreign language audio files

You personally speak “foreign” languages into a microphone? Which microphone and how is it connected and to what?

There are ways to record live voice such that it creates “evil” sound files that will not play universally.


I am recording from a site called Reverso, not speaking into a microphone. The audacity file is fine and it can also be heard with Fission. I just can’t hear it with iTunes.

I can’t repeat the problem, but I think it’s related to using Air Pods while recording which is what I was doing yesterday. Today, without them, I’m able to record, move the file to iTunes and hear it.

You still have a “magic” sound problem.

Is the track Stereo? Two blue waves one over the other?

Screen Shot 2020-12-05 at 18.19.20.png