No sound when recording


I am new to audacity and need some help recording a DJ mix.
My setup is 2 turntables into a Rane TTM56s DJ mixer and a pair of speakers/monitors direct to the DJ mixer as master output.(not the computer).

The way i want to record is to have my Avid Mbox 4*4 audio interface soundcard going to my laptop and have a RCA cable going from the S/PDIF input on the soundcard to the AUX output on my mixer to pick up the sound.

However when i record i am not getting any wavelengths at all. The input device in audacity is setup correctly as my MBox and the recording levels are up so not sure where I am going wrong. I am using Audacity version 2.0.5. The output device is laptop soundcard as i have no speakers connected to the Mbox.

Any idea what i am doing wrong, have i got the basic setup correct and just need to adjust something in the software or have i made a mistake with this initial setup?


the AUX output on my mixer to pick up the sound.

Do this little trick and see if there’s anything on that wire. My bet is no.

That’s any headphone or earbuds with a 1/8" plug. It won’t blow you ear off with high volume, but it should not be totally silent, either.