No sound when i recording

Hello. Im new with recording music and i need help.

I got a Asus desktop with windows 10, 64 bit.
I’ve downloaded Avdacity 2.2.2
I have connected my Axiom 49 and when i try to record, nothing happens except i record my own voice. I have followed every step in the manual but still no sound.
I dont have a mic.
Can someone please help me?

See this FAQ:

Is your MIDI controller sending any MIDI signal to the DAW?

The original poster (swedish) has not been on this forum since the day that they posted (June 2018).

Audacity does not accept MIDI data input.
Audacity isn’t really a “DAW”, it’s a multi-track audio recorder and editor (though it does have the ability to play midi files, provided that a MIDI synth is enabled in Preferences).