No sound when I play back the recording on Audacity

I did something when I deleted part of a recording and now it will record sound but there is no sound when I play the recording back. I have sound when listening to YouTube videos so I don’t think that if is a problem with the speakers. I uninstalled the original Audacity program that I was using and reinstalled Audacity again. The problem persists. I have loaded the recording that I can’t hear on Audacity onto Transcribe! and it plays just fine. Any thoughts on how I can resolve this problem?

If it is playing in Transcribe then the speakers and drivers in windows are working… You need to set them in Audio setup Playback in Audacity and make sure the sliders are up… also check the host settngs probably Windows Direct is best.

Thanks, the problem was with the sliders. I didn’t notice that they were positioned almost all the way to the left/down. Now the test recording that I made is clearly audible. Thanks for your prompt and very helpful reply. The problem was driving me crazy.

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