No sound wave

OSX 10.6.8 Audacity 2.0.0

For the past several days I have been attempting to install Audacity and transfer some old cassette tapes. I have sent and received several emails hoping to resolve the problem of no sound being sent from cassette2USB to computer.

  1. When I go to Audacity>Preference>Devices there is not any USB choices to select, only Built in Microphone and Built in Input.
  2. When I start Audacity, I get astart screen that is different that the screen on the SetUp manual. When I click on “Record” there is no sound wave.
  3. I noted in the Forum, that I am not the only one having this problem (missing USB choices).
  4. When I purchased the Cassette, the MAC CD was not included. I was subsequently sent a Download file 20140404_140122.jpg 3.2 MB
  5. I have no idea if I was sent a .dmg installer or the zip.
  6. I also noted “Do not run Audacity from the DMG”. I have no idea what that means.
  7. I have no idea if I was sent a .dmg installer or the zip.

Attempting to install and run this system has unquestionably been the most frustrating experience I have had in a long time. I remain hopeful that someone there can help me, my patience is not limitless.


Loyst Streeter

That version of Audacity is obsolete. Please quit it and trash it then get the latest “Audacity 2.0.5 (.dmg file)” from: . Follow to the letter then you will install 2.0.5 correctly.

Audacity does not provide support by e-mail. If you sent the e-mails to the device manufacturer it is highly unlikely they will reply (Audacity does not make the device).

Launch 2.0.5 with the USB device connected and recognised by the Mac.

Try these steps here if you need help: .

Audacity does not provide the manual for your device, that will be written by the device manufacturer.

Use the latest 2.0.5, then use the Manual at Help > Manual (in web browser). The Help menu is top right of the Audacity screen. You can also read the Manual online. Here is a page that should help you: .