No sound through speakers

The latest comments I read on google to fix this problem have not work. I have made all recommended changes. It was working and then it stopped. Could a windows update have changed it?

It would be nice to know:
What kind of computer (Mac, Linux, Windows)?
What Operating System?
What version of Audacity?
What are the sound settings of the computer and of Audacity?
What are the “latest comments” which did not work?

Your question is like “My car doesn’t move - what is wrong?”.

Check your Playback Device.

…Sometimes if you plug-in a USB microphone or a USB turntable (etc.) your operating system chooses the new device as your default recording & playback device, even if it doesn’t work for playback…

True. Well I have Windows 10 pro, I use blue tooth speakers, my current version of audacity is 3.4.2-64bit. Sound settings check in audacity are set to my speakers, I have tried MME, windows direct sound and the other windows waspi thing. Anyway the thing is, I had already created two projects using said version, sound perfect. I cant even hear those files when I import them in audacity. All files play perfectly in windows media, vlc, etc

Thanks but that hasnt happened. As I said it was working perfectly then poof…no sound. No settings have changed. Thats why I ask could a Windows update f it up??

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