No sound through speakers or headphones [SOLVED]

I was using Audacity 1.2.6, but updating it has not solved this problem.

I was playing guitar, and had a 30mm aux cable from the line out to the mic jack on my computer, everything was fine, i could play music through the speakers and record music straight from my guitar, through my amp, to Audacity and then play it back…then I unplugged the aux cable, put everything away, come back and BAM…no sound. I have nothing coming through the speakers, or when i plug in headphones.

I’ve checked everything, and nothing is disabled, the computer shows volume levels of the songs i’m constantly playing while testing so it recognizes that sound is playing, but nothing is coming through. I have; updated drivers, restarted the computer, uninstalled audacity then rebooted, done a system restore, and checked the speakers themselves by hooking them up to an iPod…they work fine.

I’m completely lost. Does anyone know what I can do next? I can submit pictures of any sound settings needed.

restarted the computer,

What is “the computer?” Model numbers, type, laptop? Operating System…etc. Pretend I want to buy one.

Did you get a new USB turntable or other USB audio device?


Windows 7, asus p5Q turbo Mobo, geforce radeon HD 5800 graphics card I think, dual core processor…dunno what I can tell you, I built it myself so I can’t pretend you want to buy it ; )

and aside from a mouse and keyboard, NO peripherals are connected to it through USB. And aside from those and a modem, no peripherals at all really…I’ve had no trouble with the sound until I connected my amp to the computer via an auxiliary cable to the front mic jack, and then unplugged it.

I took some screens and compiled what my sound settings are…
please note, no mute is not on, yes all my volume levels are maxed for each channel.

The speakers work, i’ve tested them seperately, but what scares me is headphones plugged into the jack don’t play sound either : (

Lock this thread, the problem is gone.

I had to reinstall the sound drivers, and a reboot alone apparently wasn’t enough, I had to shut the computer completely down…which I did intially just to look inside of it, but I guess completely disconnecting the power was enough for some reason…

whatever…I don’t think i’ll be using Audacity for my guitar-recording needs though, not if it causes this much trouble.

What I think happened is you hosed the microphone connection bad enough to cause the sound management to fail.

Stereo Line-Out from an amplifier (or any other similar equipment) in seriously incompatible with the Mic-In of a computer. Mic-In is expecting a tiny signal from a microphone like on a headset.

Plugging a high-level signal into it is the electrical equivalent of smacking it with a basket of rocks. Some computers will gracefully handle that, but most won’t. Also that connection has computer 5v on one of the rings. Any damage to that will affect the sound decision tree inside the computer. We know a lot of the motherboard doesn’t “go off” when you shut down. The little green system lights inside mine never go off while the power supply is plugged in, so if you latch up one of the power systems, it will stay latched up until you unplug the computer.

So I don’t think either Audacity or the drivers had anything to do with it. You could have cleared the error by unplugging and count to ten.

For sound production on machines like this, you might think about external high-level stereo adapters like the UCA202.