No sound recorded when using Host Windows WASAPI

Last week I was able to record sound from my smart phone using Audacity 3.3.3 - Host: Windows WASAPI.
Using the same Audio setup today, I cannot record any sound. Just to confirm setup:
Audio setup, Host, Windows WASAPI
Playback device - speakers Realtek R audio
Recording device - speakers Realtek R audio loopback
Transport, options, overdub checked.

I can’t figure out what else is preventing recording sound from smart phone. Screenshot below shows nothing happens when I hit record.

Could you advise please?

How is the sound/signal getting from the phone to the computer?

Loopback captures/records the sound coming out of your soundcard. Are you hearing the sound in your computer speakers?

If you are playing a file on your phone you should be able to copy the file to your computer with USB and open the file in Audacity (if you want to edit it, etc.).

That would be in your phone documentation.


I am trying to record a ringtone from my smart phone onto my laptop so I can edit it.

I can’t find the ringtone’s sound file on my phone so I cannot copy it. I simply playback the ringtone, place my phone near my laptop, hoping Audacity will record the playback when I hit record. I was able to record a ringtone last week so it quite odd that I cannot do it again today.

I thought when you are in Windows WASAPI mode, Audacity uses your speakers as a recording device. Obviously, I have limited experience using Audacity but one thing is for sure, I was able to record a ringtone from my phone onto my laptop last week but I can’t do it again today.

So, let us scrape all this. How do I record audio using Audacity 3.3.3?

I read a tutorial, and it says to open Audacity and find the recording devices tab. It’s near the top of the screen, right above where you’ll be recording, and has a microphone icon to its left. Once you’ve found it, click that tab to open a drop-down menu, showing all the recording devices currently connected to your computer. Select the one you want to record with.

But, I can’t find Audacity’s recording device tab. I can see tabs: File, Edit, Select, View, Transport, Tracks, Generate, Effect, Analyze, Tools, Help. Where is the recording device tab?

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