No sound or waveform?

Just unboxed my Audio Technica turntable. Installed Audacity App, brand new USB cable. Playing an album, the record line moves left to right but there is no waveform and no sound. Reseated cable, put into different ports, no luck. ??? Do I have a defective turntable?
Using Mac OS 10.15, Catalina, up to date.
John Highsmith

What’s the model number / name?


Do you have the turntable connected to an amp / speakers? Can you test if the analog output is working?

It’s connected to the computer. All I want to do is put LP’s into iTunes.

How? USB?

To narrow down the possibilities, it would be useful to know if the analog outputs are working.

Will take some doing but I can check that. I’ll move it and hook it up to my regular stereo.
Thanks for your help.

Hooked the turntable up to my stereo, and the analog outputs work just fine.
I have the USB input selected in System Preferences/Sound.
But there’s no indication that any signal is getting thru.
Used two different USB cables, one was brand new .

Thanks for the test. There is just nothing like signal tracing for days only to find out the basic turntable is broken.

Apple (Upper left) > System Preferences > Sound > Input. Is there a device in that list which could be your turntable? Many USB devices don’t register a company name and the connection could look like “USB Audio CODEC” or something like that. Play a record and the bouncing sound meter on that panel should jump.


Yes in the sound part of system preferences, it says exactly that, USB Audio Codec. The squares in a line as the sound meter are there, but they don’t do anything whilst the record is playing. Frustrating!
Thanks for your help.

Now I get this error message,
Error opening recording device
Error code -9986 Internal PortAudio error

Didn’t get that at first.
Yay technology…