No sound on playback[SOLVED]

I’ve used various versions of Audacity over the years on various PC’s and one Linux computer.

Just installed 3.2 (today). Then installed Valhalla DSP. Ran a couple tests, including successful playbacks.

Then for no reason I can discern, Audacity just stopped playing back through all playback devices. Also, playback shows active levels on the upper bar level display. All level and wave form displays indicate sound capture from various sources, CODEC, Logitech mich, etc. for recording. When I export to MP3 and playback, I get sound.

I’ve tried restarting my PC. I’ve reinstalled Audacity.

I see someone else had a similar issue on 9/2 with no responses so I’m hoping we can do better this time. :slight_smile:

Deleting phantom drivers for a CODEC device I have (Behringer) fixed my problem.

I realize there a number of possible solutions/problems associated with this issue so this may not be yours. However,

Having dealt with a number of USB devices that get swapped in and out over the years, I’ve noticed that there are sometimes problems with “phantom” duplicate drivers accumulating. This fix is accomplished by right clicking the Windows logo (lower left). Then select the Device Manager option. After the application is up, select View. From the pull down, select Show Hidden Devices. Goto “Sound, video and game controllers.” The unused duplicate entries will appear in the light grey tone associated with unused or blocked items in Windows. Right click the duplicate greyed entry you want to delete and select “Uninstall device.” NOTE: the entire app display will refresh, missing your deleted entry when it returns. Don’t freak. This is what passes for normal in this app.


One definition of barbarian is one who destroys what they cannot replace. Don’t be a barbarian. If you have doubts about an entry you think should be deleted, research. If you are familiar with the item, make sure that you either have the driver on hand or can get it (i.e. plug and play devices are an example of having the driver on hand. If you plug the thing in, it will either load the device automatically or prompt you through necessary steps.)