No sound line and no play back

I have had Audacity on my comuter since April and have used it regulalrly. However I tried to use it yesterday but the soundline was not as large and today I get no sound line. I only get one if I tap my mic after hittig record. I therefore also do not get playback as to what has been recorded.
Can anyone advise how this can be rectified.
The vertical line moves only when I tap my mic. before hand itused to move after record was hit and until stop was pressed.
The attachjment is the screen shot shwing the sound line after tapping my mic.
I look forward to hearing fromyou

The answer is the same as I gave you from our feedback address, that is please tell us the make and model number of the mic and your version of Windows and Audacity. See the pink panel at the top of the page.

For example perhaps you need to stand closer to the mic or boost its level, or change the pattern mode:

Are you singing into the mic or recording voiceovers?