No sound in 2.0.5

I am using a reel to reel tape player. I can hear the sound being recorded via Audacity, but when I go to playback, it seems as nothing is recorded. Windows 7 I Have audacity seat as follows" MME, Speakers : realtecK AC’97 audio ( they work ok) input is Line In Realteck AC’97 2 Stereo Input Channels The meters seem to move ok ( red and green) Any thoughts… thanks


I can hear the sound being recorded via Audacity…

OK that’s good. Your connections are OK, and the sound is getting in & out of your soundcard. If you can hear it through the computer, you can record it. We just need to figure-out what settings to change.

Windows has separate recording & playback “mixers”, so you don’t record what you are hearing.

Next, we need to determine if you have a recording problem or a playback problem. Do you see a waveform in Audacity after recording? If you see a waveform, you should be able to export to a WAV file. Then, you can try to play the WAV file in Windows Media Player.

Open an existing audio file (WAV, MP3, etc.) in Audacity, and see if you can hear it play in Audacity. If you don’t have a handy audio file, search your computer for “*.WAV”. (The “Windows Sounds” are short WAV files.)

I had the jack plugged into the front line in. I decided wait a minute, so I plugged it into the rear line in and it works in playback now. Now, I just need to figure out how to get that front one enabled. I do have enough cord so it really would not be an issue, but still would be nice to get the front to work as well