No sound getting to Audacity as input.

Macbook M1 MacOS 12.4 BlackHole 16 and 64
Audacity 3.1.3. No sound getting to Audacity as input. In Sys Settings I have given Audacity access to Microphone.
I have used Audacity for years to record internal music using Soundflower and BlackHole.
As a strategy, I even tried skipping the Multi Output, and used BH for both in and out. Nothing.

I then tried another audio recording app, EasyAudioRecorder. It worked straight away.

I so want to stay with Audacity.

Thanks for reading this, Mark

MacOS 12.4 Audacity 3.1.3

I have been able to get Audacity up and running again.
This problem lead me to take a more methodical approach.

To anyone reading this I suggest you check out this
youtube video on Blackhole.

How to Record Your Screen with Internal Audio & Microphone on Mac Using BlackHole

As you work your way towards understanding, remember the following.

re: Audacity + Blackhole.

  1. Remember that you need to quit and reload Audacity anytime
    you make alterations to your Blackhole device(s).

  2. You record sound and then play it back using two different
    sound setups.


a. Record
Input: BH Output: Multi Output Device
b. Playback
Input: BH Output: Standard Out

  1. Play attention to the post on this forum (MacOS 10.4 and later)

“Installation: Do NOT run Audacity from the DMG!!!”"

  1. Make sure you turn on access to Microphone for Audacity in System Settings.

or run “Rescan Audio Devices” from the “Transport” menu.

There’s also an article on the Audacity wiki about Recording Computer Playback on Mac, though it has not been updated for a while.