No sound from web after using audacity

Audacity works fine for recording and editing, but after I have used Audacity I no longer can hear any sound from the web browser (eg YouTube videos). I can’t see anything obviously changed in the Windows Recording Mixer settings. The only solution I can find is a reboot. I’m running Windows XP SP3

Hope someone can help.

Does anything else go away like Windows Media, DVD Player, keyboard sound effects etc?

Are you self-recording? Recording Stereo-Mix or one of the other magic software devices? What is the show you’re recording and editing?


Recording works fine from Line In. When set to record master I get nothing from either Firefox or IE output. Windows Media Player works fine.

Are you using 2.0.3 when you look at Help > About Audacity? If not, grab 2.0.3 here: .

What is “Record Master” and where do you see that? Please open the “Output Device” and “Input Device” boxes in Device Toolbar and tell us what choices are in each box.


Record Master is a recording channel,the output of playback (I think it has different names for differernt sounds cards and isn’t available on all card drivers). So it should allow me to record into audacity from whatever I am listening to, including from the web browser. It works fine with two other audio recording programs (Adobe Audition (old version) and i-Sound Pro (which has a good timer for recording web radio)).

In the device toolbar. I’m using Windows Direct Sound, but MME doesn’t solve this problem. Input device is Record Master from the soundcard.

I opened Audacity when something was playing successfully from the web browser and it stopped working while Audacity was working and then isn’t retreivable until I reboot.


And yes I am using 2.0.3

What Output Device are you choosing in Device Toolbar (to right of the “Audio Host” where you choose MME or DirectSound)?

Web browsers can only use the Windows default playback device (you can choose what is the default sound playback device in “Sounds and Audio Devices”: ).

I think it possible there is a problem with the drivers of your audio device, and possibly the exact output choice in Audacity is not the same as in your other recording programs that don’t have this problem.

So try choosing the output device in Audacity that you choose in those programs.

Also try checking your audio drivers .

Is it a Creative Sound Blaster card? If so try this link: .

If you are using a motherboard sound card then you need the latest drivers meant for XP SP3 as supplied by the motherboard manufacturer or the computer manufacturer.