No sound from Stereo Mix option/can't find Stereo Mix on PC

I have tried recording from an iPlayer radio programme on my laptop using the Stereo Mix input option from the dropdown list. When I do that, nothing comes through, even though recording levels are turned up. I recorded it using a lead from the microphone socket to line-in, but the quality was poor.

On my PC, running Windows 7, I cannot find any way of selecting the Stereo Mix option. I’ve tried right clicking the speakers icon on the Taskbar to find it under the recording tab, but no sign. Can anyone help with either of these probelms?


Some computers aggressively prevent you from recording internal audio. That and the Mic-In and Line (or headphone)-Out are very different and you can’t plug one into the other. Or you can, but it doesn’t work very well.

Self recording is not one of the guaranteed services when you buy a computer like the other services are.

Sometimes, you need to add software to get internet recording to work.