no sound from Focusrite to Audacity

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I’m having a similar problem. Trying to record a sample from wax, my mixer’s going to my soundcard (Focusrite 6i6) and into the mac, which in the audio preferences has the Focusrite selected and shows sound coming in on the meter. I then open audacity, select the soundcard as the input but there’s no sound coming being monitored or being recorded when i hit record.

@koz i guess that’s all the steps except seeing the meter bounce on audacity (from your first reply).

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They don’t explicitly say so, but I’m guessing you need ASIO software to talk to a Focusrite 6i6. The Focusrite 2i2 will only do its more serious tricks with ASIO, and it wouldn’t be a stretch to guess you can’t get full six channel operation without it. Native Audacity doesn’t support ASIO. Didn’t the unit come with test software?

To keep all of those channels under control, Focusrite included their acclaimed MixControl software for ultimate versatility. Create up to six separate mono mixes or three stereo mixes, each routable to any of the Scarlett 6i6’s outputs. Save your mixes for instant recall later on. Re-route your signal path without having to replug your whole studio. The Scarlett 6i6 was built with flexibility in mind.
– Sweetwater Music –

I bet Audacity can’t connect to that kind of signal management.


@koz oh OK so you’re saying the sound card is the problem? Can’t find the registration codes to download any additional software for the Focusrite.

In that case do you recommend any other software just to record samples from records in high quality?



I can’t actually say that, because the instructions didn’t say that, but that’s my guess.

Check Audacity > Preferences > Devices > Recording. Make sure that panel has the right number of audio channels. I know if you cross mono and stereo by accident, the system won’t work.

Also Preferences > Quality. Try setting sampling to 44100, 16-bit > OK.

Restart Audacity and look for the Focusrite again. Any luck? Usually if there’s a connection mismatch, Audacity will complain loudly that it doesn’t know what’s going on. You didn’t get any error messages?

Also usually, If a device can’t make any of its fancy-pants services to work, it at least comes up in plain stereo. What you have is pretty unusual.

Oh, wait. There’s one more. Go > Utilities > Audio MIDI Setup. Anything in that panel help?

Has it ever worked?


ASIO doesn’t exist on OS X.