No sound during recording using computer Line In


After contacting Microsoft and updating Windows, the recent problem I am having persists. Basically, I am trying to record from records, from my stereo system… I have the sound go through a Gli mixer, and into the ‘line in’ in back of the computer. After setting everything up, I am successful recording using Audacity, as the recording activity is visible, but I am not able to hear any sound through my speakers. I tried using headphones, but I still can not hear anything. Microsoft informed me that after all the updates were made, and I the problem still persists, I should take my computer to a repair shop. But perhaps someone is familiar with my problem here and can help me better. I have Windows 10. Audacity 3.1.3 version. Thank you.

To check that your speakers are working properly run mmsys.cpl, then Playback > Speaker(/Headphone) > Configure. Then click the “Test” button or directly on the speaker you want to hear. If you can’t hear it, try using your mute and/or volume controls.

Once your speakers seem to be working properly, you should be able to select them as your Playback Device in the Device Toolbar (You may need to do Transport > Rescan Audio Devices).

OK everyone, I think I figured it out, with a little online help from a computer repair store. Although the online help could not solve the problem, after, I was looking at the windows sound settings. After much consternation, in the Sound Control Panel, under Line In, and right clicking it, and then clicking on Properties, and clicking on the Listen tab, I needed to check the box “Listen to this device.” Problem solved. Thanks anyway. Sorry for posting this problem prematurely. I knew I could figure it out eventually as I have recorded on Audacity, and other programs, using Line In in the past and listening while I record with no problems.