No sound coming through to Audacity

Hi there, first post so please bare with me.
I am running W10(64 Bit) and Audacity 3.2.4 with a Focusrite 2i2 and I have no sound coming through to Audacity at all. I can hear sound through the speaker/ headphones, so presume it is just an Audacity setting that is a miss.

Been doing some reading on previous posts and have checked the following :-

Transport is set to SW playthrough
Host MME
Playback Focusrite USB
Recording Focusrite USB
Playback and Recording levels 0-100 adjust with no change.

Is there another setting I am missing as can’t for the life of me get any sound to it. I also have Leawo Music Recorder and that works fine hence me thinking it’s got to be something Audacity related.

Many thanks in advance.

Shuld have said if I import an MP3 in, this plays fine. Its just not detecting any other sounds.

Sometimes it can be helpful to divide and conquer. Start by turning OFF SW Playthrough and changing both your recording and playback devices to your PC. Can you record that way? Can you play back what you record? OK, now try recording from your Focusrite. Can you play that back to your PC ? Can you play that back to your Focusrite ?

Hi again and thanks for your suggestion. I have previously tried all input options and turned SW play threw off but I get nothing coming through on the tickle bars.
Hence I can’t record.
As mentioned I can import an mp3 in and play it no problem. It is just getting sound to play though so I can record is the issue.

Make sure that you do Transport > Rescan Audio Devices after plugging or unplugging a USB device. Sometimes DirectSound or WASAPI will work when MME doesn’t. Does Audacity have permission to use the microphone?: Windows > Settings > Privacy > Microphone > Allow desktop apps to access your microphone.

Hi there, checked all that you suggested and all good. One thing I did notice, when I call up the sound control for record, when something is playing there is no tickle bar action in Record. But in Playback it is going, so is this an issue? However if you recall I can record with other programs despite this not doing anything.

Curious. I get some bars to light up there when I input through my Pesonus box - whether or not Audacity is running. Have you turned up the gain on your Fousrite ? Do you need to turn up the Recording Level slider on Audacity’s Recording Meter ?

I had same issue with an older laptop after downloading 3.2.5. I reinstalled 3.2.4 and problem went away. (This is on an older laptop running windows 10 so I wasnt sure if this is a common issue or if my machine is past it’s life.


recording level slider is up at 100%. There is no adjustable gain that I am aware of on the 2i2 model of Focusrite I have. I had the same issue with older versions of Audacity an ddid hope the latest would sort it. Proper mystery this is :slight_smile:

I am in the same boat. Win 10, same set ups.

I get unanticipated host error.
“Error opening recording device. Error Code: 0 Success.”

I know the foucus right works cause I have it all set up in abelton fine. Was trying to sample my computer audio and cannot seem to get it to work with any setting or combo I try.

I have the rates and bits set to what my 2i2 says