No sound capability with 3.2

Hi. Today I upgraded to the new Audacity 3.2.0

I’ve upgraded previous Audacity updates, so the problem I’m having has never happened.

When I opened the new 3.2, like the new interface by the way, I started to record.

Stopped recording, saved my Project file [aup3], and then played it back for editing.

The payback worked but there was no sound.

Checked the mic/headphone AUDIO SETUP settings on the new Audacity 3.2, and all looks in order I believe:
-Host: MME
-Playback Device: Headphones (Samson G-Track Pro)
-Recording Device: Mic/Inst (Samson G-Track Pro)
-Recording channels: 1 (Mono) Recording Channel

I checked other sites on the internet, music/ movies and can hear sound through my headset

I powered down my PC, thinking that may help and still not capable of hearing playback on Audacity

I’m running on a HP laptop, with OS Windows 10

Is there a new setting of some sort on the new 3.2 version I need to turn on?

Again, I’ve download several Audacity updates and never had an issue with not hearing sound when playing back a recording

Thank you, and love the new look/feel!!!

Hi. In Audacity 3.2.0 the Playback Meter toolbar includes a slider that controls the volume of the audio playback. Please check that it is set to maximum.
Playback Meter-Level Toolbar.png
Windows Volume Mixer also provides a volume control that you could check. Try this: Press Windows key + R and type sndvol to run the Volume Mixer. Select the appropiate device at the left (Samson G-Track Pro) and try to play the audio recorded in Audacity. There should be a volume control for Audacity in the Applications section of the Volume Mixer. Check that it is not muted and also check if the level meter show activity.
Volume Mixer - Audacity.png

Thank you for the information. Problem solved :+1:!!!

That didnt do anything. Audacity was working find til it updated, now the mic wont pick up any sound…

The slider in the toolbar was already up and i did win-R typed sndvol and Audacity’s level was also already at max, as was everything else.