No signal from Line Input

I have been using software for decades to digitize my analog tapes. However, this week, I found out that there is no input from my analog device coming into Audacity. No changes have taken place on my PC. I am using Windows 10, Ver. 22H2.

Here are my observations.

  • There is no audio playback through my speakers when the analog device is playing
  • I have done everything right to monitor the signal - "Software playthrough of input" 
     is checked and I have clicked on "Start monitoring", but no audible signal through the 
     speakers and the VU meters are not registering anything.
  • I am able to hear audio from other sources, such as music on my computer or 
     YouTube videos through my speakers
  • I am using Audacity ver. 3.3.3
  • Below are my audio settings, as I have always had it - using Line Input
  • I can hear the music on the tape machine through my headphones, as well, the tape 
     deck VU meters on the deck are showing good levels. Of course, without audio 
     flowthrough, I will not be able to hear it through the speakers.
  • I tested it out with Audiograbber - same result

This happened suddenly. I am not sure if it has to do with a Windows patch. though I do know it could be an issue with my machine. Oh, the cable is fine.

Any ideas would be gratefully appreciated. TIA.

Be sure to run Audacity’s Audio Setup after starting Audacity. It may be defaulting to Stereo Mix for some reason.

A couple of things to check -

Privacy Setttings

Listen To This Device should work without running Audacity (or any other application).

No, Stereo Mix is not being used. I confirmed that after making Line In default.

Where do I find Audacity’s Audio Setup ?

Checked those. All okay. Thanks.

Also, I noticed that the VU meter to the right of the Line In option (as shown in my screen shot) is showing no signal though the tape machine is playing.

Here is more information.

I have a Philips PSC805 external sound card which works beautifully when I connect it to the PC. So, essentially, there is audio feed out of the tape deck and the cable is fine. I am narrowing it down to the PC’s internal sound card, but it plays back just fine over the speakers. So, I am totally confused as to where the fault lies…

Does Listen to This device work ?

I failed IT 101! There were a few other cables hanging free behind the machine and the wrong cable was plugged in. Not sure who did that as nobody else uses my PC! Sorry, folks - I am redfaced. Now that I have spent the better part of a few days on this, it is punishment enough for me!

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