No playback while recording through microphone

For years we have been able to hear our voices and other extraneous sounds through our headphones attached to our Yeti microphone while recording our podcast.
But recently, we’ve had nothing. The recording plays back perfectly via the Yeti when I’m not recording, but not while I am recording. Is there a setting that I may have missed that would allow this essential monitoring function? We alos can’t get playback through the PC’s speakers while recording.

Is Transport → Transport options → Hear other tracks during recording active?

The Yeti has direct-monitoring built-in. The monitoring doesn’t have to go-through the computer. (But of course you need the USB plugged-in for power.)

You should be able to hear yourself and an optional backing track at the same time.

Maybe it’s broken?

If you monitor through the computer there will be delay (latency).

Possibly it is broken but I can’t monitor our voices even when I play back through the PC’s speakers. However, I can hear playback through the Yeti when I’m reviewing the audio (not recording).
I just think there may be a setting in Audacity (or Windows) that I have accidentally changed and it transfers from one installation to the next.

In Audacity, the Playback Device is also the monitoring device.

You’ll need to enable Audible Input Monitoring (Previously called “Software Playthrough” on older Audacity versions.)

Or Windows Listen To This Device doesn’t need any application running.

It was that simple, after all this time. Works now. Thanks

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