no playback through headphones

Hey there, new to the forum! I just recently bought the Behringer UMC404HD. I’m running Audacity on my Asus Vivobook laptop(Windows 10 - I’ve downloaded the correct driver from Behringer, hopefully), just two years old now. The main issue I’m having is that I can’t hear playback through my headphones…whether plugging directly into the UMC404HD or straight into the laptop. Another issue I’m having is not being able to record through all 4 channels at once. Through reading on here, I did manage to change the settings to WASAPI and set to 4 channels. It worked in that all four channels appear but still only one channel records. I spent the entire day yesterday going insane trying to figure it out. Help!

OK, so the first thing to do is to make sure the headphones work. I believe the 404 uses 1/4" connector and the PC uses 1/8" connector. Are you using an adapter? Do the headphones work elsewhere? Ask Windows to test your headphones (do a google search on “how to test headphones in windows”).

What version of Audacity are you running? On 3.2.3, do Transport > Rescan Audio Devices, then Audio Setup > Playback Device > your headphones. Make sure the playback volume is up on the playback meter; you may also need to turn up the volume level on Windows. Is there a volume control on your cord? Note for others: some bluetooth devices do not work consistently but I see these are not bluetooth headphones.

On the 404, you should be able to monitor input 1 if you have the Phones level turned up, the Mix level set appropriately and if Monitor A is selected.

So it is possible that you may not be able to record all 4 channels with Audacity. Some Behringer products require ASIO to do this which Audacity does not ship with. However, you should at least be able to get 2 channels running, and since you were offered 4 channels with WASAPI, there is some hope.

Start the Windows Sound Manager by holding down the Windows key, and pressing “R”, then typing “mmsys.cpl”. Select the Recording Tab. Then select your 404, and Properties. In the subsequent Advanced Tab, look under Default Rate. There should be an option that includes more than one channel. Note that stereo implies 2 channels. And make sure the Sample Rate you select is the same as Audacity’s Project Rate in the lower left-hand corner.

The Behringer driver may have a similar interface, so be sure to check that if it does.