No playback sound

Hi, I’m on Windows 10 and using Audacity version 2.2.1 which I just downloaded today. I have used audacity in the past with no problems, however, today I decided to record some vocals with audacity and there appears to be no playback sound. I tested the sound and it works fine with every other software or website outputting sound. However, audacity refuses to playback the sound. I have gone to the preferences and set my playback device to the Realtek high definition audio driver which is also my default driver, I’ve attempted restarting and closing all other programs except audacity to no avail. If I export the audio then I can hear the vocals, however, I just cannot hear it while listening to it on Audacity which is rather bothersome. Please let me now if you have an answer for this. Or if you need more additional details please let me know as I hope to have this fixed as soon as possible.
Thanks for your time :smiley: :smiley:

Do you have two blue waves? Did you record in stereo?

Audacity has two volume indicators. The bouncing sound meter and the blue waves.

If you have both of those, then you have a known, good, working show whether or not you can hear it.

Let’s try something a little odd. See the Left - Right fader over on the left of the track? Shove it all the way left. Play the work. Can you hear it?
Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 20.42.33.png

I do have both of them if you mean the bouncing green metre on the top when playing back, and the two lines of identical blue waves indicating recorded waves. I attempted that but it didn’t seem to work. Ill post a reply of a screenshot of my page in a minute as I’m responding on my laptop right now.

Never mind, it appears third times the charm. I restarted my computer twice last night and turned it on today and it appears today it decided to show that the proper speakers were hooked up which it failed to do yesterday. Mystery solved :smiley: