No playback sound. [SOLVED]

I just installed Audacity v 2.0.5 on Windows7 and it seemed to work great. I noticed I needed to add Lame V 3.99 to export audio in mp3 format. After installing Lame, Audacity will no longer play back. The moving curser and the audio bars work but there is no sound. I did export a 3 minute section of a 2 hour digital recording from a Sony IC recorder and the exported file was great. My only problem is hearing the recording in Audacity so I can establish the section I want to keep. Can you help me?

They should have nothing to do with each other.

Make sure Audacity is still sending sound to your speakers or headphones in the Device Toolbar.

Also make sure your playback volume slider (by the speaker) is all the way up.

I’m going to assume you’re not trying to play a silent clip.


The Audio Host was set at MME and the only available Output Devise was Digital Audio.
When I changed the Audio Host to Windows WASA the Output Devise changed to Speakers.