No Playback sound Mac OS 10.13.6

Love this program

I had a security update the other day and since then I have no playback sound whatsoever. I have tried the transport option as stated in an earlier thread.

I can see the audio metres working when I playback the track. The track was recorded on a tascam device, I then import it into Audacity and then sort the levels out.

When I export the file and then press the spacebar to playback I can hear everything fine. It is only when playing back the track in audacity there is no sound whatsoever.

I had just upgraded to the latest edition so thought it might have been this, but then reverted back to an earlier edition and the problem is the same.

I know my sound playback works as I can hear the exported file fine. Not a disaster as i work with the wavefrom and then when finished export to a wav file.

If you know the problem would be a help.


What is your “playback device”? Is it your Mac’s built-in sound card?

I amusing a hackintosh, and on previous versions of Audacity, I had no problem with sound. Since I have upgraded the playback just does not work. I have tried all options within the sound settings.

On 2.2.2 it worked fine, however since I downgraded, that no produces no sound.

Is there a preference somewhere that may be corrupted?

I have seen others on this forum through reading have the same issue.

What was the update?

I am not sure just a normal os update for security. How do I find that out? It is so frustrating not hearing any sound. I am managing but it has slowed the process down, I normally just look at the waveforms as I know what i need to do, just having no sound is a pain.

Why does sound for everything else work though, I have no issue with sound on anything else apart from audacity.

Let me rephrase that:

What is your “playback device”? Is it your computer’s built-in sound card?