No playback sound after upgrading to 3.4

There is no output sound, even though the playback meter indicates sound. There was no problem until I upgraded to 3.4.0. Other apps play sound okay. I reverted to an earlier version, and it too no longer plays sound.

The playback device options are Speakers, or Microsoft Sound Mapper. The Host options are MME, Microsoft Direct Sound, and Microsoft WASAPI. I have tried all combinations.

I have restarted the computer, and reinstalled the app.

What’s next?

Perhaps you have bumped the level controls on the Playback Meter.

Thanks. No, what I had bumped was the gain slider on the track control panel. I still don’t understand why the playback meter still looked normal, but I’m back in actions. Thanks.

same problem, updated and everything looks fine but it just plays static

In my case, I didn’t have static, just complete silence.

Try Audio Setup > Rescan Audio Devices, then Audio Setup > Playback Device

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