No Paste Special or Nyquist Punch Copy Paste available

Tried to chase down the nyquest punch copy paste since we have no paste special in Audacity. Nothing seems to be available anymore. Does anybody know of a workaround?

Using the forum “Search” (at the top of the page), I found this page: Punch Copy/Paste

Thanks, Dave, but I have been to that link. When you click on the download listed at the end of it, it says not available…

That’s supposed to say thanks Steve.

You give up too easily :wink:

To make it easier, I have updated the “Current Version” links in the top post

(A lot of links on the forum were broken when muse group updated this forum. This affected most of the download links, which makes searching for downloads difficult, but the files are still here if you search enough.)

Steve, Thank you so much for the updated link. Yes, I have downloaded and installed in Audacity, both of the nyquest plug ins. Works great.

Thank you for your time and your extra response to straighten me out. I see that you have helped a number of other people on the forum. Good man.

Thank you again,
Ron McCoy.