No need to record. Just want to listen!

HI there,
My son gave me an audio-technical turntable to listen to my “old” vinyl that for decades I haven’t been able to give up. I have audacity downloaded as the interface on my computer to have the turntable input become output on my computers speakers. The only way I can hear the music is to record it; however, I am piling up files somewhere on my computer as the “Disk space remains for recording…” number keeps decreasing.

2 questions:

  1. How can I play the music on my computer without recording?

  2. Where are the music files stored that I have recorded?


  1. You can play the turntable through your computer without using Audacity. Try the free LineIn app from Rogue Amoeba:
    If you prefer to continue to use Audacity, just click on the recording meter to begin monitoring without recording.

  2. Files should not be building up on your computer unless you a) specifically saved the recordings, or b) have never quit Audacity since you started listening. Just quit Audacity and the temporary files it creates should go away.

– Bill

That will show you the recording level without recording, but I think you will still have to enable Transport > Software Playthrough in Audacity to hear the record without recording it.