No mic input through USB preamp

Hello, I’m in the process of trying to digitize my vinyl collection and already ran into an issue. I’m on windows 10 and using audacity 3.0.2, running my turntable through an ART USB phono plus into my PC USB input, and headphone monitoring works fine. When I go to record, however, I don’t get any input in audacity, and when I “start monitoring” I just get random spikes of sound unrelated to anything. Making a post because I couldn’t find this specific issue/a fix after poking around other help threads
I’ve attached a photo of my settings, thanks in advance to any help!

In recent versions of Windows, you have to give permission for applications to access the “microphone”.
(Microsoft use the word “microphone” to refer to any audio input device).

This may help:

Yes, sorry-forgot to mention that mic access is on and it even shows audacity as having accessed/used it

headphone monitoring works fine.

I assume the headphones are plugged into the ART, not the computer? (Either way, I’m pretty sure it’s a problem with a Windows setting/configuration. Your Audacity settings look fine.)

And there is only one USB audio device, right? I kind-of hate it when Windows thinks it’s a “microphone” but that doesn’t mean it won’t work.

You can try a different “audio host” (DirectSound or WASAPI instead of MME). I’m not optimistic but it’s an easy thing easy to try. (MME is the oldest protocol and WASAPI is the newest.)

Windows has a [u]Listen To This Device[/u] option and if everything is working you should be able to hear the ART through your computer speakers (or whatever playback device Windows is using) without running Audacity or any other application.

As a “last resort”, if you are brave you can try re-installing the drivers. (The ART uses the Microsoft supplied drivers so it’s mostly automatic and not too dangerous…)

Right click the Start icon, then select Device Manager.
Scroll down to Universal Serial Bus Controllers.
If you can identify the USB audio device, Right-click and then select Uninstall Device.
Then un-plug the ART and plug it back in.
If all goes well the driver should re-install and maybe everything will work.

I think I got it working-helps to have the correct cable connection (duh…was using a Y connector instead of stereo L/R)
Thanks for the suggestions though!