No "Line-in" Jack on new Dell Inspiron 3020

I got a new Dell Inspiron 3020 and found that it doesn’t have a “Line-In” port. Just several USB ports. I had been ripping my vinyl with an my old Dell, Win 10, Audacity 2.x, an old turntable, a pre-amp then a “Y” cable to go from the pre-amp’s RCA out jacks to a 3.5 mm for the Line-In port. Now, I have Win 11, Audacity 3.4.2. I bought a cable to go from the RCA outputs on the pre-amp to a USB-A connector, but I can’t figure out how to get Audacity to find the Recording Device.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Right-click the Windows speaker/volume icon, select Sound Settings and check to see if it shows a USB input/recording device.

If it shows-up in Windows you should be able to select it as your Audacity Recording Device.

There may be some Privacy settings blocking it.

Of course, it’s not “just a cable”. :slight_smile: There’s a “soundcard” chip, probably built-into the USB end.

I stopped at MicroCenter today and explained my problem to a salesman. He handed me a $10 gadget and told me that it would do the trick. As I was driving away I realized that the device had mic in and headphones out jacks. I went back and explained I needed stereo input. He said “I thought vinyl only did mono.” He was maybe 25 years old. Another salesman helped me and I got a Sound Blaster card for $40. Plugged it in and now audacity can see the recording device. Haven’t tried it yet, wife’s asleep.

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